Our meeting rooms in Delhi can be molded as per the business need. The requirement for training, conferences,—everything can be leveraged in our futuristic meeting rooms. They can also be used as Assessment Centre in Delhi and Gurugram for conducting interviews. To avail the training room in Delhi is easy, you just need to raise a query on our website and there will be quick response to it.  The arrangements are done as per the specification. The clients can choose from myriad layouts like cabaret, board-room, conference, classroom, horse-shoe and interview style.  The team strives to provide you with world class services in a quicker, hassle free and cost-effective way.

State of Art Technology

IT and innovation is the backbone of our meeting rooms in Delhi and NCR. You can rent conference venue at any prime location which is most suited to your clients. The clients and the businesses will have access to video-conferencing, IP phones. At the same time, they will be provided with LCD screen, white board, flip chart for presentations. The meeting rooms in Delhi and NCR are also equipped with high speed internet and Wi-Fi facility for maximum execution.

Ensures a Global Presence

The state-of-the-art audio and video conference facility combined with prime office locations that help you maintain face-to-face contact with important clients around the world. Our audio and video conferencing solutions reduce environmental footprint, thus making us one of the key players in maintaining ecological balance.

Professional Hospitality Services

Our meeting rooms are equipped with professional hospitality services under the support of a full trained house-keeping staff and pantry services to adhere to all the demands of the clients. From tea, coffee and beverages to some healthy snacks, our well-trained staff will immaculately arrange everything for you in the meeting rooms.

Futuristic Services

The meeting rooms have astounding visual support and services; the room comprises of LED TV for a high definition video communication. You can articulate to international clients with our high definition quality camera. There is a simple user interface and dual-stream support for sharing multi-media content and PC content. Further the Cisco conference phones will help you to achieve your targets with ease.   Life-size video conference system, fully compatible with both IP and ISDN conferencing will further advance your experience.  The wall mounted speakers and high internet bandwidth of up to 10 Mbps will accomplish all your business requirements.