4 Basic Checklist for an Effective Training Room in Nehru Place, New Delhi

training rooms in delhi

If you want a perfect location for your training room, there’s nothing better than Nehru Place. Heaven for technology lovers, the region is regarded as the biggest market of Asia for computer software, hardware, and tech equipment. When you choose a training room in Nehru Place, you’ll likely to get a multitude of facilities such as it’s easy to access, high-end technology products, sky-reaching buildings, nearby amenities like parking facility, cafes, restaurants, multiplex, etc.

Here you can see the offices of many MNCs that include Microsoft. Lies next to Outer Ring Road, it is accessible via all forms of public transport- buses, metro, auto-rickshaw, cabs, etc.

Following are the top considerations for an effective training room in Nehru Place. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Location: This is one of the important factors that should be considered while choosing a training venue. Keep this in mind that the venue should be accessible easily by your delegates. You must have a clear idea- where are people coming from and what mode of transport will they use? Are you near to any public transport link? Choosing a training room in Nehru Place will benefit you as it is well-connected via all forms of public transport. In addition, there’s ample parking space available.
  2. Don’t Overlook Cost: Check the cost your service provider is offering to you. Choosing cheaper venues can be deceptive and once you’ve paid all the price, it can cost you big. Make sure you choose a good venue that will keep a fixed price that may provide you with everything you need in a day.
  3. Consider Your Goal: Be specific what your goals are. When you choose a service provider, they will ask what you need to achieve from your event so they can offer you a combination of training rooms in Nehru Place. Furthermore, when you put your goals on the table, you’ll get the right equipment and services, audio-visual support, and catering as per your business requirement.
  4. Prioritize Catering Service: It’s important to avoid cost-cutting on food as it’s one of the top things that your clients will remember. If you don’t feed them good, they won’t be happy. Ensure your guests have enough to drink and eat. Ask the chef to check the food taste and the menu should offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Choosing a training venue can be a baffling task as it can make or break your professional image. Keeping these basic points in mind will let you choose an ideal training room in Nehru Place.

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