4 Simple Meeting Room Etiquettes to Follow in 2019

When it comes to choosing the right location for your meeting room, there’s nothing better than Nehru place. The region is recognized as Asia’s biggest IT market where you can find IT products related to computer hardware, software, and other pieces of tech equipment. When you choose a meeting room in Nehru Place, you can access it via all modes of transportation like metro, bus, cab, train, etc. Most importantly, the location is home to many renowned corporates and one of them is Microsoft.

Meeting rooms, these days, are getting popular abreast of shared spaces. Popularly known as conference rooms, these meeting rooms are necessary for corporate professionals where they can meet and discuss core business matters. Most of them are equipped with chairs, a large table, a projector screen, and ample lighting fixtures. Besides choosing a meeting room, it’s important for people to follow basic manners.

Here are the four effortless meeting room etiquettes you must follow this year.

  1. Schedule Your Booking: This is one of the basic meeting room etiquettes that every owner must follow. Booking an entire room just for three or four people is just an absolute waste. Make sure you use your company’s resources wisely and arrange fully furnished meeting rooms in Nehru Place. This would certainly allow larger groups to use the room if they need.


  1. Always Be on Time: This must go without saying, but it’s the most important piece of etiquette that everybody should follow. Whether you are an attendee or an in-charge of the meeting, always be on time to join the discussion. This will demonstrate your professionalism and respect for others. Since Nehru place is easily accessible via all modes of public transportation, you’ll not likely to get late.


  1. Limit your Consumption: This is another major etiquette that you should follow when you are in a meeting room in Nehru Place. It’s acceptable to consume either a cup of tea or coffee during your meeting. Anything beyond the limit can cause a distraction. Imagine you’re being the only person calling for food in a large conference room that holds over twenty-five people.


  1. Don’t Leave a Mess: After your meeting, there might be another team waiting outside to take over the room. Ensure you won’t leave any mess like empty coffee cups, piles of paper, wrongly placed chairs, etc. This will certainly create a bad impression and it might impact your business credibility.


When you choose a meeting room in Nehru Place, it’s important to good etiquettes that include showing respect and compassion for your colleagues. Following these tips will help you create a more pleasant environment in the meeting venue.

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