4 Surprising Reasons to Choose Shared Office in Connaught Place

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Undoubtedly, you probably know the benefits of a shared office- cost-effective, security, plush infrastructure, networking opportunities, and so on.

 But have you ever wondered why businesses run after choosing an office space in Connaught Place? Why Connaught Place is a preferred choice for choosing an office space? 

Well, there are countless reasons behind it. Some of them you might know while some of them you don’t.

The location is gaining significant traction due to excellent connectivity, nearby facilities, nearby corporates, sky-high buildings, and many more reasons, to say the least. Many startups and successful businesses, these days, are buzzing to the tune of choosing a shared office in Central Delhi, especially Connaught Place.

For a better understanding, let’s talk about the reasons to choose a shared office in CP.


  1. Seamless Connectivity: One of the reasons to choose office space in Connaught Place is that it’s accessible from different parts of the city. The airport express line easily connects the central business district with IGI (Indira Gandhi International) airport which is just 35 minutes’ drive away by road. And the Old Delhi can be accessed in less than 20 minutes via the Metro’s Yellow Line.

Regardless of the size of your business, choosing a shared office in CP will certainly offer a                     hassle-free commute to both your clients and employees.


  1. Professional Network: When you choose a shared office or coworking space in CP, you will likely to interact with like-minded individuals from the IT industry, marketing, who work alongside you. When you interact and communicate with them, your professional network will significantly increase. This may benefit your business in the long run.


  1. Reputed Location: There’s no arguing with the fact that location plays an important role in defining the image of your business. If you have an office space in Central Delhi, then clients would likely to meet you and even employees would feel great working in a location that’s counted among world’s top ten office space markets.


  1. Facilities: Being in the central business district (CBD), the location is home to many nearby facilities such as restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping complexes, banks, ATMs, and so on. Nobody wants to choose a location where employees and clients have to walk miles to find a good dining facility.



No matter whether you are a freelancer, or startup, or an established business, or even MNC, choosing an office space in Central Delhi will offer you a range of business benefits, ultimately benefit your business in the long run. 


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