5 Popular Meeting Room Styles to Choose From

Finding the right meeting room in Gurgaon can be exceptionally daunting as the region is flooded with a myriad of space options. Gurgaon, indeed, is a prominent IT hub that boasts many office space options for MNC and IT companies. Once you’ve successfully selected your meeting venue, now it’s time to decide what kind of setup style you should opt.

When you’re looking to organize a meeting, you’ll have a lot of meeting room setup styles to choose from. Choosing an appropriate style is totally depends on a multitude of factors like the number of attendees, understanding the specifications of your members, and your nature of the meeting.

Let’s look at the five most popular types of Meeting rooms in Gurgaon.

  1. Boardroom Style: This is the basic yet popular setup style where professionals gather around a centre table and discuss their core business matters. It consists of a rectangular table in the centre with chairs around it. Since this style allows everyone to get close to each other, this style is best for shorter sessions that involve open discussion.


  1. U-Shaped Style: Another popular meeting room layout where you can use a table and place the chairs around it, leaving one end open for video conferences, presentations, and training sessions. This style facilitates conversion between the speaker and all audience. If you want a meeting room in Gurgaon for more intimate presentations, this setup will certainly suit you.


  1. 3. Theatre/Auditorium Style: Just like theatre, there is a centre spot for the speaker where the audience chairs are placed facing the stage. This setup style is appropriate when you want to achieve maximum seated capacity. Typically, best suited for annual general meetings, mass meetings, and product launches.


  1. Banquet Style: The word ‘Banquet’ kind of style is the same as that of a normal banquet. This is where round tables are arranged in a large, open room. if you want a meeting room in Gurgaon for networking sessions, this layout is good for networking sessions where small groups of people gather around tables.


  1. Hollow Square Style: Popularly known as ‘Closed U’, this style consists of four tables in a square or rectangle shape placed next to each other. This layout is best suited for breakout sessions that focus on smaller groups of people


Whether you are looking for group discussions or personal interaction, choosing the right style of meeting room in Gurgaon will cater to all your business needs perfectly.

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