What You Didn’t Know About a Serviced Office and a Regular Office


In the office space industry, the concept of a serviced office is taking the shape and gaining a strong foothold. Serviced offices or managed workspaces are fully equipped office space equipped by a business centre or a facility management company which rents individual offices to floors.

A regular office, on the other hand, is somewhat different and mostly leased out by companies looking for long-term plans.

In this blog, we’ll know the difference between a serviced office in Delhi and a conventional office.


  1. Budget & Cost: For SMEs, serviced offices are quite pocket-friendly, and they can rent it without draining their bank account. Businesses that are looking for short term plans can opt for this managed space. when it comes to regular or conventional office space, one has to pay a huge amount before leasing out.


  1. Design: Like any other office, serviced offices are fully furnished and are equipped with latest infrastructure and facilities such as telecom services, ergonomic furnishing, well-lit ambience, staffed reception, high-speed internet, washrooms, cafeteria, etc. One just needs to plug in their laptop and start doing the work. However, a regular office will start only when all the documents are signed.


  1. Location: Serviced offices in Delhi are majorly found in business-centric locations that will certainly add credibility to your business. With a reputed address, your business will likely to grow significantly. On the other hand, regular offices take a lot of time to get a prime location. since the lease is already at its peak, adding a prime location would certainly add more to the overall cost.


  1. Hassle-free: Talk about stress and hassles, serviced offices are easy to manage as compared to conventional offices. When you’re in a managed office, you will need to worry about the electricity bills and maintenance cost.



Once you’ve decided the right kind of business and understood the nature of the work, picking the right serviced office in Delhi becomes easier that fulfil all your requirements.

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